Stages of the project

Ridurre i consumiIn the development of the project, a physical and a virtual community will be created. The pshysical community will involve a number of apartment houses ANCAb-Finabita associated, while the virtual one will cover all the citizens and the families that want to join the ECO Courts web community.

The ECO-Courts project is developed through a number of key activities.

    • Collection of national and international resource saving and waste reduction good practices and research among citizens, through the web community, of useful suggestions to complete the developing of the informational and interactive toolkit for eco-efficient managing of houses and apartment buildings.
    • Making of the toolkit in two different versions: one bound to apartment houses involved by Finabita in the testing period and one for the web community. The toolkit will be made up of a tool to estimate and monitor the consumption and of a collection of eco-advices to help citizens to better manage resources.
    • Two experimentations will take place - one involving apartment houses and the other one involving the web community - to test the kit and possibly modify it before the actual application. After the experimentation, the first project data will be collected.
    • Extension of the toolkit to all members of the two "communities", consumption monitoring and data collection. Partnerships with stakeholders will be activated and innovative technologies and smart solutions to promote the saving of resources will be reported.
    • A communication campaign directed to all interested stakeholders - such as citizens, apartment houses, institutions and companies - will come with the project, with the aim of showing the initiative and the methodologies adopted, and introducing the goals of the project to guarantee maximum diffusion.