To effectively deal with environmental, social and economic problems of society you need to create partnerships between public and private where every organization contributes with its expertise and ability to influence specific targets. For this reasons ECO Courts promoters decided to make a partnership that includes the City of Padova, the project leader, Finabita, Legacoop, ANCC-Coop, Regione Toscana and Regione Emilia Romagna, each one according to their distinctive feature.


Since the early 90's the City of Padova has carried on various initiatives aimed to reduce/differentiate garbage collection and to promote ethic lifestyles. In 2002 started "Agenda 21 locale", which created a number of workshops concerning various issues, such as "Responsible consumption and lifestyles". In addition to a consolidated experience in international projects on environmental issues, the City of Padova has a strong partnership with ANACI (National Association of Condominium and Real Estate Managers), and collaborations with all the stakeholders interested in designing public spaces such as apartment buildings.

imageFinabita is the national service agency of ANCAb, Association of Cooperatives of Inhabitants part of Legacoop. It offers technical and financial services in constructions to cooperatives associated with ANCAb, which since 2003 has a "Agreement code for a sustainable inhabitance" and supports cooperatives in designing houses and apartments inspired by green building, with particular care to the reduction of energy consumption. There are about 3000 cooperatives who are part of ANCAb and they provide solutions for over 400.000 families nationwide. Profits are reinvested to create social housing programs. Finabita also cooperates with other european projects on energy saving in buildings and social solidarity.


Founded in 1886, Legacoop associates about 15.000 cooperatives nationwide, representing all italian productive branches. Legacoop promotes the developing of cooperation and mutuality, of economical and social relationships between the associated cooperatives and supports the spreading of cooperative principles and values. Legacoop is a member of the International Cooperative Alliance and of other European organizations, is represented within the European Economic and Social Committee (CESE), is partner of various European projects about cooperation and social solidarity and is part of many institutional boards. Since 2006 it promotes "Cooperambiente", the most important fair in the cooperative world concerning energy sustainability, environment and green economy that every year awards the best environmental projects.

imageANCC-Coop - National Association of Consumer Cooperatives - is associated with Legacoop and has over 7 million associates. For nearly thirty years now has been dealing with preservation of the environment and consumer protection, carrying out many communication campaigns on these subjects, such as "Bianco il bucato, azzurro il mare", aimed to reduce phosphates in detergents, "Acqua di casa mia" and "Boschi e foreste". ANCC is partner of the "Promise" project - co-financed by the EU under the Life + program - designed to encourage greater diffusion of environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, it promoted the "Risparmia le energie" initiative, which involved over 2500 citizens with a dedicated web community.

imageRegione Toscana is founding member of the european network NEPIM, the "Network for the promotion of sustainable consumption in European regions". Founded by 11 Regions and associations of 6 different european Countries, it has later on been extended to other organizations. The project's task is to promote sustainable consumption in Europe, defending consumer's rights, organizing information campaigns on environmental issues. Within the network Regione Toscana proposed the project "Il costo ambientale e sociale del consumo", to promote sustainable production and consumption, organize educational campaigns on resource saving, promote energy conservation and renewable energy sources.

imageRegione Emilia-Romagna promotes tools and actions to improve the sustainability of cities and territories. The Region has joined the Aalborg Commitments and is part of the "Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane" and of "Rete Cartesio" for sustainable management of the territorial areas. Regione Emilia-Romagna supports the EAMS certification for local athorities, directs the pilot initiatives for green purchases and develops regional policies on sustainable production and consumption. It has been partner of many European projects and recently launched nine pilot projects to promote local climatic plans and approved a regional law to support the "Piano d'azione per il GPP".