ECO Courts goals

Ridurre i consumiThe main goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of water and energy consumption of the families, besides lowering domestic garbage production and encouraging reuse and recycling. ECO Courts addresses both to individual citizens/families and to property managers who manage public spaces within buildings and can contribute to spread the initiative.

Eco Courts goals are:


  • to raise citizen awareness about the benefits of an efficient use of resources, both on a single-person level and on a collective one, both on an environmental and on an energy saving point of view;
  • to achieve an effective reduction of household resource consumption;
  • to develop and test a tool that helps families to cut their consumption;
  • to support small technologies and smart solutions to help saving resources;
  • to show off innovative technologies to help developing locally based green economy;
  • to promote updates in environmental policies supporting families and green economy.

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